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London - St Pauls Cathederals

Transaction Execution

Whatever your transaction, our team can support you through it. We ensure you have the best team; you achieve the best terms; the transaction is delivered on time; and the process is smoothly executed. Key to achieving the optimum outcome is our data analytics team who take a central role in analysing the business, identifying the value drivers and supporting the credit or equity story.  

We work with investors, shareholders, management teams and portfolio companies on acquisitions, restructurings, exits and other transactions.  

How we do it

01 Structuring

We understand your ideal outcome, assess feasibility and build a bespoke transaction structure and process around that.

02 Process Management

We map, run and coordinate the whole transaction process. We ensure full coordination amongst the adviser team, smooth transaction execution and take the burden off you.

03 Advisory Team

We call on our network to find the best advisers for your specific transaction. We negotiate and manage engagement terms and fee budgets. We ensure full coordination amongst the advisory team.

04 Modelling

Taking the lead on running, or supporting your team, with modelling. This includes running sensitivities and scenarios as well as bespoke models for specific purposes.

05 Execution

Delivering the transaction on the right day, at the right time and on the right terms. We work alongside the legal advisors to ensure optimum transaction documentation that correctly reflects the commercial agreement.

06 Post-Closing

Supporting the business and management after the transaction concludes and being there for the journey.

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